The first imaging that I have done with my C11 Edge for several months.

With Jupiter just past opposition and the air fairly steady it seemed sensible to try and get some images using the Bader modular Barlow lens in front of my ZWO 224MC colour camera. I don't find the big Celestron especially easy to focus at the best of times and it was clear that seeing was not as good as it first appeared with Jupiter dropping in and out of focus.

However, using Sharpcap v4, 2000 frames and avoiding the steady build of cloud I managed 5 exposure sets and then one final exposure set with the Barlow removed, I thought that I may have also got one decent set. One bonus from last nights early evening session was a transit of Ganymede along with a very nice shadow.

The other interesting aspect was the green coloured clouds in the NEB. I initially thought this was a processing artifact but examining other images (much better than mine I hasten to add), these appear to be genuine.

Using the excellent script located here:


Jovian Longitudes at the central meridian for 20231110 at U.T. 19:06

Script written by B. Sherrod

Julian Date: 1721014.5

JD Corrected for Dynamical Time: 1721014.5007986

System I System II System III Phase Angle Distance (A.U.) R r
102.17 146.37 111.07 10.13 5.6 0.98 5.4


The Ganymede transit started at 17:31UTC, ended at 18:37. The shadow ingress started at 18:02, ending at 19:44. (Source BAA Handbook)