Bol d'Or 1982

A few photos from the 1982 Bol d'Or trip. I can find very little record of this event on the Web. Ross e-mailed me and gave me the info on the first and second places.
The winner was the Kawasaki team of Jean Lafond, Herve Guilleux and Patrick Igoa. Second was the other Kawasaki of Jean-Claude Chermarin, Jacques Cornu and Sergio Pellandini.

This next snap was taken from the same place and shows the second Kawasaki team bike. I don't know who was riding this, but to me it appears to be moving faster!

Suzuki also entered Works bikes, racing with numbers 3 & 4.

The Honda Elf experimental bike raced this year, sadly, it scored a DNF. It actually died very early during the race. I remember this bike as being very small and it seemed very quick.

Team Bike entered. They also scored a DNF. I remember them packing up after the race and they has bolted a number plate on the back of the bike. Apparently it made it easier to get through customs!

The final part of my reminiscences of this race surrounded a team who has manged to get sponsorship from Outline, the low fat spread company. They crashed twice during the night and raced for nearly 12 hours without a fairing. They completed OK though. Top guys showing what can be done on a shoestring!