Yamaha GTS1000

This is not a bike that I own, but one I have always found technically quite interesting. They are also quite rare over here, but a little more common on the continent.
Anyway, I saw this example at the Pondrosa Cafe on the Horseshoe Pass near LLangollen. So a few snaps and a bit of research seemed in order.

The bike was in production from 1992 to 1996/97. As implied, the bike has a FZR1000 1002cc engine with electronic fuel injection, remapped to make it more suitable for a tourer. What does make it very special though is the unusual hub centre front swing arm and steering, developed by James Parker and licenced to Yamaha. This single sided swing arm and huge centre disk provided a very different riding experience, especially under heavy braking. Normally, conventional forks will dive and therefore provide much reduced travel when a bike brakes heavily. This also de-stabilises the bike significantly whereas the hub centre system allows the fork to deal with road undulations as they should. However, not all is Utopia, the hub center system can be heavier and importantly (for a road bike) there is a very limited turning capability.

Note the front Shock Absorber - almost Horizontal - and the fact that its single sided


The "Steering Column" rises up in front of the Radiator. Telescopic, but not a Shock Absorber

Huge Inboard Disk provides impressive stopping power. Centre mounting keeps the bike tracking correctly

Cosmetically, the bike is very clean - nice lines and clear dash display


Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC Overall length 2170 mm
Cylinder arrangement Forward inclined Parallel Overall width 700 mm
4-Cylinder Overall height 1320 mm
Displacement 1002 cc Wheelbase 1495 mm
Bore and stroke 75.5 x 56.0 mm Min. ground clearance 135 mm
Compression ratio 10.8 :1 Dry weight 246/251 kg
Max. power (DIN) 100.6 Ps (74 kW) Frame type Double Cradle
@ 9000 rpm Caster angle 24'
(ISO) 96.6 PS (71 kW) Trail 100 mm
@ 9000 rpm Fuel tank capacity 20 Litre
Max. torque 10. 8 kg.m (1 05.8 Nm) Front suspension Swing Axle
@ 6500 rpm Front shock absorber Coil Spring/Oil Damper
Starting system Electric Rear suspension Swingarm (Link Suspension)
lubrication Wet sump Rear shock absorber coil Spring/Oil damper
Primary reduction ratio 68/41 (1.659) Pivot shaft bearing-type Needle Bearing
Secondary reduction ratio 47/17 (2.765) Front wheel MT3.50 x 17, Aluminum
Clutch type Wet. Multiple-disc Wheel travel 116mm
Transmission 5-Speed Rear wheel MT5.50 x 17,Aluminum
Gear ratio 1 st 36/14 (2.571) wheel travel 130 mm
Gear ratio 2nd 32/1 8 (1.778) Front tyre size 130/60 ZR1 7
Gear ratio 3rd 29/21 (1.381) Rear tyre size 170/60 ZR1 7
Gear ratio 4th 27/23 (1.174) Front brake Single Disc, 320 mm diam.
Gear ratio 5th 28/27 (1.037) Rear brake Single Disc, 267 mm diam.
Ignition sytem T.C.I. (digital)  
Final transmission Chain drive