I was brought up in a motorcycling family. My dad was notorious as a 50's hell-raiser before hell-raising became a fashionable pseudonym.... His claim to fame was riding down Hyde (Cheshire) High Street, totally missed the bend at the bottom of the hill and rode straight into the pub. He ordered a pint. The magistrate didn't have the same sense of humour and ordered a retest....

I passed my bike test (shortly after recovering my licence - banned for arguing with the magistrate..) in 1975. I took the test on a Yamaha 90 (Honda C90 lookalike) which I borrowed from my friend Jeff Gould. Two days later I became the proud owner of my first big bike, a Triumph T100S. I paid 375.00 for it.

My Tiger 100S - VLF80G - had 104k miles on the clock when I sold it in 1978

I loved that bike. But it didn't half consume oil. I used to get about 60 miles to the pint. I eventually ran it for about 4 years and sold it for 180.00. Was it a SOBB? Definitely! Would I have it back? Of course I would. VLF 80G, where are you now?

Somewhere in France - September 1982. I can still get into that Jacket.... just!

My all-time highlight journey was a solo trip to the Bol d-Or in 1982 on a Honda 550. Basically journeyed down through France trying to stick to the Departmental class roads. Much more fun. Eventually skipped over the Alps (on a dirt track) into Switzerland and then (inadvertently) Italy before getting to the Bol when it was based at Circuit Paul Ricard. Unbelievable experience that all bikerz should do along with the IOM TT's and Daytona Bike Week!

Like many, I had a break from bikes for a few years as kids got bigger. My latest bike is a 1989 FJ1200 3CV bought in 1999. It was a very tidy low mileage example. Now the mileage is much higher but its still very tidy. I have often thought of changing it, but it suits me fine. Its fast, reliable, smooth and very comfortable for long journeys. I toured Spain and Portugal on it in 2004 with Russell on his Triumph Legend and the 2500 mile journey was pretty uneventful apart from a fried battery.

Off to Portugal for my jolly hols - typical summer weather

In 2002 I took the Advanced Motorcyclists (IAM) course and test. I was well observed by SCAM, the South Cheshire Advanced Motorcyclists. I really recommend the course and especially this particular group. Not only did I learn some very useful life saving skills, my progress improved, my riding became much smoother and most importantly, I really enjoyed myself.