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Servo Calibration Program

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This is my first attempt at building a Robot. It is a Sumo11 robot supplied as a kit by Southern Oregon Robotics. It is not a beginners kit, although with care it could be constructed by someone who has some soldering experience.

The photo above shows the robot in its almost completed state - the only items missing that were included in the kit were a pair of QRB1134 Line detectors. The kit is actually ordered as a series of modules. A simple and relatively low cost option would be to order the main board and chassis. The processor on the main board is the 8bit Motorola 68HC11 micro. Programming software is supplied with the kit, HCLOAD for the basic board and Interactive C (my preference) or RidgeSoft RoboJDE for the expansion board option. Options for programming are therefore Machine Code, C or Java. Interactive C and Java have special libraries so that the hardware can be accessed directly from the application.

The main processor board in test mode.

Instructions for putting the kit together are in the main very clear, the electronics went together, although I initially struggled with the chassis, trying to work out how to install the sensors.

First Program and Fully Completed

Connection to the computer is via a serial interface - you can see that I use a RS-232 serial diagnostic tester so that I can see what is happening on the serial interface. Not essential, but it all helps.